Paris, Texas

Paris, Texas ★★★★★

Incredible. I've rarely been so enraptured or inspired by a film, but this one exceeded my expectations. I figured I'd enjoy it, but ended the film still processing what I had just seen and feeling all kinds of emotions.

Shoutout to director Wim Wenders and AD Claire Denis and writers Sam Shepard and L.M. Kit Carson for a near-perfect screenplay.

Harry Dean Stanton gives an especially superb performance portraying one of the most complicated and fully-realized characters on celluloid. Furthermore, a lot of his acting is conveyed with little and, at times, no dialogue which makes his performance that much more impressive. Stanton is backed by a wonderful cast.

The cinematography, shot by Robby Müller, is breathtaking. I took in each shot, analyzing the composition and marveling at how the scenery of west Texas was captured on film.

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