Rollercoaster ★★★

Taking us back to the late 70′s, Rollercoaster is everything a 70′s thriller should be, cheesy chiller music, no special effects, dummies instead of humans, and a story that takes a really long time to tell.
Throughout the movie, I could see how coasters have evolved over time, starting where the guy placed his bomb on a smaller wooden coaster that was a manual start and stop, and ending with our bomber trying to take down the newest of the new, which was the Revolution at Magic Mountain. Growing up in southern California, this ride was a part of my childhood but I am glad I never watched this as a kid or I would have been traumatized and would have never rode this.
Overall, this movie had a decent storyline, but lots of down time and the high speed intensity lacked to make this a true thriller, but it was fun to go back and enjoy a good film from the 70′s.