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  • Basket Case
  • Thriller: A Cruel Picture
  • Repo Man
  • The Return of the Living Dead

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  • The Coca-Cola Kid

    The Coca-Cola Kid


    Better than Pepsi

  • Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

    Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers


    “Oh Yeah, What do you do, pray to Black & Decker”

    I only wished I'd read the warning at the beginning of this movie about operating a chainsaw naked ... oh well too late now!

    Jack Chandler (played by Jay Richardon) is a Private Detective searching for a young runaway named Samantha (played by Linnea Quigley) where he finds her involved with a Chainsaw worshiping Cult, led by the Stranger (played by the original Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen) and his chainsaw wielding hooker minions.

    This movie has more puns and wisecracks in it than a night out with Leslie Nielsen and Rodney Dangerfield!

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  • Scanners



    "Every where you go someone dies!"

    I don't know what gave me the biggest headache while watching this, waiting for that 'head exploding' scene (you know the one) or the headache from Benjamin Pierce's laughter that cuts like a knife plus his art is not up to much, well apart from the massive head that you can sit inside that's pretty cool!

    The movie's a bit of a slow placed affair but I do love it and the special effects with exploding heads, eyes and lots of pulsating veins a plenty...

    They're G-R-R-REAT!

  • Videodrome



    "Do you want to try a few things?"

    Mad Max Renn: Beyond Videodrome

    Out of all of Mr. Cronenberg's children/films I'd have to say this is his chef-d'œuvre with James Woods being 'classic' James Woods although this probably would be the kinda of thing he'd be doing in real life, that's if he hadn't decided to get into acting instead - which will come as a relieve to quite a few television stations.

    Also that had to be the most exciting glasses conference ever, I'm definitely up for the next one!

    "See ya in Pittsburgh!"

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  • The Lost Boys

    The Lost Boys


    The topless sax dude needs his own origins story!

  • Hellraiser



    If only Frank had have picked up a Rubik's Cube instead then none of this would have happened!