Sunset Boulevard ★★★★★

I knew the plot. I knew the twists. I knew the characters. The entire film was spoiled for me before I even knew what it was. As one would expect, Hollywood simply cannot leave well enough alone and with a story as iconic as this one, of course, it would be beaten to death with endless regurgitation and references. So you would think already knowing the entire film without having actually seen it would diminish any sense of surprise or love that I would have for it. Well you would be wrong. Even though the conventions were all too similar, I was hooked from the start all the way to the breathtaking finish. The strength of storytelling truly prevails in this film and to call it a classic, well I simply don't believe that does it justice enough. A perfectly melodramatic Gloria Swanson, an exceptional (and extremely handsome) William Holden and a surprisingly solid turn by Nancy Olson all contribute perfectly nuanced characters in this truly astonishing Billy Wilder production. A must see for anyone that respects film making as an art form.

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