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  • Chasing Coral

    Chasing Coral


    who knew I could feel so emotional about coral

  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Funny and relatable, I can understand why so many people enjoyed Lady Bird. The hype made it difficult for me to have reasonable expectations for this film, however, so it fell a little short. I do LOVE the Danny/Lady Bird relationship though, and Laurie Metcalf is such a fucking MOM I love her. 

    Also, this is my first time seeing Timothy Chamalet and BOY lemme tell you I was freaking out along with 300 other people in the room.

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  • Coco



    I had been crying since the first 10 minutes of the movie but because I didn't want anyone to know, I just let the tears stream down my face. 3/4 of the way into the movie after the big plot twist, I couldn't hold it in so I used my sweatshirt sleeve to wipe everything away. Out of the corner of my eye, the girl next to me does the same and then looks to me. I look back. We start crying laughing. The movie ends and I have just bonded with a girl I will probably never see again in my entire life. The end.

  • Crazy, Stupid, Love.

    Crazy, Stupid, Love.


    wow I just .i believe in love again?