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  • Blue


    I’m burning with the desire to reach this level of sound mixing!

  • Pickup on South Street

    Pickup on South Street


    Boy I love rewatching these all time favorites! Arguably my favorite noir, what can I say? Fuller made ‘em different! Noirs, Westerns, Dramas, War films... you name it! Pickup on South Street is not your typical noir film, its brutality and sadism elevated the film and kept me on the edge of my seat and it’s all for the sake of the story and not for the violence itself! They say Fuller picked Peters for the role because he saw…

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  • Red Desert

    Red Desert


    I live in a remote area because of my job. An area that has nothing except for a huge factory and some small rooms for the employees. They call it a complex, I call it a cemetery.

    Every time I go into my room I feel the emptiness she feels. The small bed right beside the small couch and near the dirty window there is a four-legged green chair but one of the legs is broken so I don't use…

  • Paterson



    I like the smell of cigarettes on my hand
    when I wake up
    lying in your land
    and it's the morning's feeling
    of last night's deed
    I miss the smell of your hair
    your little cup of a mouth
    those cloud-like lips
    with a taste so rare
    the walk the eat the talk
    the look on these weary eyes
    the breath of a dance
    the name of a girl
    the river-like arms
    that surround me
    the forest, I
    the wolf,…