Hovering Over the Water

Hovering Over the Water ★★★★★

"Someday I'll show up on your doorstep in Rome" He says
"They will be madly happy" She replies
"And you? Will you be madly happy?" He asks
"I will be too old and I will prepare you a good dinner" She answers

Of poetry and memories, of Dante's The Divine Comedy and The One Thousand and One Nights, of Sindbad magical boat and Rossellini's Rome, Open city, of Ulysse and The Angelus Prayers, of pirates and Ernest Hemingway, of lost lovers and Gods. I'm not sure why but this film brings back so many memories of a quiet room in the desert and a man staring at the screen watching Alain Tanner's Dans la ville blanche. Maybe it's the loneliness, maybe it's the sea, the ships and Portugal's beaches.

The man grabs the woman's neck and kisses her, she stops him: I don't want to remember you, all my days are memories of ghosts.

"We will have to learn how to use up the remaining unhappiness".

Isn't that the most beautiful poster ever?

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