Your Name.

Your Name. ½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Has to be up there with the most overrated animated movies ever made.

The visuals? Yeah, they're great.

The rest? Not really.

It confuses me why this is the best rated anime movie of all time (referring to MyAnimeList), because this is painfully average at best. Sure the visuals are stunning, but it suffers from awfully generic characters that completely defeats the purpose of a good romance film.

I adore the romance genre, but the main reason I like Before Sunrise or In The Mood For Love for example is due mainly to the complex, tragic and interesting nature that the characters give off. Because let's face it if they were boring and devoid of any personality then what would be the fucking purpose. AND FUCK here is my point. The characters might as well be stick figures, because they are as bland as fucking Nordic food. They are not funny nor tragic, they are just simply boring as fuck. There is no development at all here, just some constant boob fondling from Taki that is a whatever gag from me in the beginning but gets creepier and creepier as time passes, like why the fuck does the director keep showing it?? For me a film that is supposed to extract a certain emotion from the viewer needs interesting or relatable characters, otherwise it just comes across as a stupid sci-fi film. That unfortunately is the case here.

The plot and pacing is messy as well. When the story is supposed to be an emotional rollercoaster, it completely fails as it is rushed due to the minimal character development and therefore leaving me with absolutely no sympathy or interest into these generic ass characters. Listen even after all this venting it's not an abysmal film per se, there are redeeming qualities to this film courtesy to the stunning visuals but the so called masterpiece status that Your Name holds is ridiculous as this is the only standout quality to this film. Seems style over substance won this time again people.

Why the fuck did they have to meet at the end btw. Would have made the movie at least decent if they lived the rest of their lives apart and leave Taki fondling something else lol.