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  • Shark!



    I don't get why genre filmmakers don't see to realize that deep sea diving is murder on building tension...

    I know Fuller disowned this one, but there's just enough of his stank on it to give it a (barely) passing grade. Burt gives good Bogey, and the scene where a dude gets eaten by a shark means that there is at least 45 seconds of this movie that is absolutely must-see.

  • First Love

    First Love


    There are things to admire here. The central metaphor, while more than somewhat on the nose, works well enough; and the camera does a pretty impressive job of regarding frequently the nude body of lead actress Michela Cescon with dispassionate anthropological objectification as opposed to the exploitative kind.

    But when you're talking about 'effective metaphors' and 'dispassionate objectification', you are describing a movie that doesn't really engage on an emotional level. Which, however worthy the subject matter, makes any film a chore to sit through.

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  • Cheeky



    I shouldn't do it.

    I absolutely should not be trying to analyze this movie, because it's basically semicore porn.

    (For those who don't know this term I just made up, 'semicore' means all the onscreen sex is softcore, but there are a shitload of erect penises just hanging... well, not hanging, exactly... about. You're welcome, friends)

    But seeing as how Tinto Brass (the director) is clearly using this movie as a polemic to espouse his unifying theory of mankind, I…

  • The Hitcher

    The Hitcher


    I'm not entirely sure this movie makes any sense whatsoever.

    Could not matter less. Rutger Hauer is the God damned devil in this one.

    Highly recommended.