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  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad

    It's incredible how the DCEU, for the most part, is based around the idea that Superman is bad. You take the most iconic part of the source material and deal only with the most paranoid, bad-faith reactions to it, without ever showing what made it work in the first place. It wants to deconstruct the ideas behind Superman/superheroes without constructing them first. Worldbuilding needs work, and they just don't bother to put it in.

    In general, that's how I feel…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


    The campiest superhero movie since Batman and Robin, probably, made all more so because of how serious it takes itself. The problem with "taking superheroes seriously," thinking about the collateral damage and the philosophical questions of them, is that superheroes are inherently extremely silly and unreal. The question of "how should we react to superheroes" is one that has no bearing on the real world, where superheroes don't exist, and so trying to philosophize on it just feels pointless unless…

  • Dragon Eyes

    Dragon Eyes


    John Hyams has a way of using the limitations of a small budget to make things weird. Dragon Eyes has the contours of a typical low-budget action movie, involving warring gangs and drug money and some civilians around for emotions, but it's just unsettling enough in execution to make it feel like something else. The setting never quite seems like anywhere in our world, the motivations and backstory never quite explained, and Peter Wellers' Italian(ish) mob boss just campily threatening…

  • The Mechanic

    The Mechanic


    I am generally a fan of Statham's sense of exasperated professionalism, which is on display well here, but around it was a frustratingly dour movie without much to recommend. The plotting and character were perfunctory, the sex and gore were eye-rolling, and Ben Foster tended to drag the movie around him- his twitchy energy didn't really mesh with Statham, which in a better-organized movie could have made the point, but in this one just made me annoyed when he was…

  • Oblivion



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Before starting this movie, a friend of mine said there was the ability to watch it without dialogue, just the score, and I spent most of the movie really wishing I was watching that version. Because it is a beautiful movie, with a combination of gleaming, slightly unsettling corporate sci-fi and loving nature photography that's really striking, and the music is even better. It's a beautiful lush synth score from M83, epic in just the right way, unique. I wish…