Black Panther ★★★★½

Yes, the politics were glossed over and somewhat problematic and it suffered (like every MCU movie) from insufficient motivation. Killmonger needed a lot more development and the imperialist aspect of his plan should've been fleshed out (maybe he had an evil CIA mentor or something). If they really needed that big fight scene, the tribal tensions should've been more firmly established in the beginning.

That said, this is as good as an MCU movie is gonna get. The design was jaw-dropping and I really didn't think I was capable of getting this kind of thrill from a popcorn blockbuster anymore. Part of that stems from the way the film successfully bridges the fantasy and reality elements. The cast deserves high marks, and the kind of "throwaway" jokes that are mandatory in these films always served a kind of double function here. I also liked that the central threat posed by Killmonger was linked to the way imperialism preys on governments in moments of weakness and transition. Coogler had a very narrow road to walk in order to make this successful. He pulled it off with style to spare.

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