Tenet ★★½

While watching I found most of this dumb & empty but kind of hilarious and enjoyable, thanks largely to the cast. Afterwards it mostly seemed loud. The climax is atrocious—repeated shots of helicopters, shipping containers and little army men running aimlessly with bits of reversed video. He loves these huge video game cutscenes but (with the possible exception of Dunkirk) repeatedly fails to realize them. Debicki deserves a better role than abused-mafia-soccer-mom, but this is pretty much exactly what women exist for in Nolan’s universe. The sci-fi elements are so lazy and sloppy. I’m playing a Persona game right now that is more convincing, better written and has deeper metaphysics. Even the most basic turnstyle mechanics are handwaved (you need special oxygen but can drive a normal car backwards through time?)…the idea of these extremely long, complex operations occurring before and after the film is just so ridiculous. Some neat concepts and attractive people in a loud dry fart of a film.

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