Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★½

it took me more than two weeks to write what i think will be my first and only serious letterboxd review. i’m not really attracted to tarantino’s style and only ever watched pulp fiction, so ,when the movie finished and i thought “well, this sucked”, i convinced myself that j just didn’t get it. but then i realized that i shouldn’t have to “get” a director to like a movie and it’s not because a famous white guy directed it that it’s gonna be good.

so, let’s be honest; it was boring. booooooring. take away all of the scenes of people driving around hollywood and the scenes where i felt like i was margot robbie’s voyeur and you lose half an hour of the film. i know taratino isn’t really known for the traditional story telling but c’mon you need a lit bit of a plot there. 

now, on a more feminist note that will make men think i’m overreacting: the feet are creepy. you don’t even have to know about his fetish to think it’s weird, but knowing about it makes it weirder. i watched an interview with margaret where jimmy kimmel asked her about that scene where she puts her feet up on the car and she said that, when quentin asked her to do it, she insisted it was a bad idea cause her feet where ugly but he reeeally thought it was necessary. in other words: when you’re a young actress trying to grow in the industry and an older powerful director asks you to do something you’re uncomfortable with to please him; you don’t really feel like “no” is an option. 
now... sharon tate. the sexy lamp. what a mess. she was marketed as one of the three main characters, but here’s the scenes i can remember of her: snoring, cutely watching her own movie (x5), dancing (x3), being pregnant (x3). here’s the lines i can remember her saying: “i reject your hypothesis”. no, wait... 

in conlucion: i said what i said. dicaprio is good, i like it when he cries. brad pitt is shirtless or something. he managed to make the manson family uninteresting. counting the feet scenes, the beautiful art directing and hoping margot robbie would say something were the only things that kept me awake. the last 20 minutes might have been really fucking good. or maybe i was just so bored that some violence felt like the high of entertainment.

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