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  • The Virtuous Sin


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  • Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter


    "a word at the start: laughing sounds a lot like screaming."

    "there's a sound inside me. 'tick tock, tick tock,' it says. telling me to hurry. the sound inside me that says something will soon be over."

    "the most fascinating thing about stardom is that it's a kind of deformity, like cancer. [...] a fascinating face, in a state of collapse."

    "well, it's certainly convenient to be pretty.. but beauty is different from happiness."
    "pretty on the outside, but like…

  • Like Someone in Love

    Like Someone in Love


    "since you've been with him, all you do is suffer."

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    top 250 directors challenge // (2/254)
    director #39 - abbas kiarostami

    alphabet challenge // (12/130)

    milk in a glass in the microwave. ten things happening at once, but still, nothing is happening. but everything is happening. the phone rings, the intercom buzzes. there's a wound to treat, someone's screaming. you can't get to anything before another thing sounds the alarm of needing…

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  • The Virtuous Sin

    The Virtuous Sin


    "why did you run away? why did you disappear like that?"

    "it's just that, i've lost interest in everything."

    pre-code paramount collection on criterion // (3/20)

    surprisingly pretty good quality for a film from 1930. the film is, unfortunately, a cold and militant one that loses steam before it really ever has any. still, the performers seemed to try with the material given, and it was an alright watch for a quiet night when all i wanted was to think…

  • A Beautiful Life

    A Beautiful Life


    "what about you? are you scared?"
    "being with the one i love, i'm not scared."

    "i can't go on without you. without you, i can't smile."

    "remember, you promised me you'd come to me whenever i called your name?"

    a beautiful life is good, but it tries to balance emotion with tragedy, and ends up firmly on the melodramatic side of things. it was really sad, and even i -- a sucker for a sad romance story -- had a…

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