10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You ★★★★★

i rewatched this on my hellish flight today. didn't get to finish the last 10 minutes because of the extreme turbulence, but i did have the distinct pleasure of (while being horribly nauseous from said turbulence) watching hobbs & shaw out of my right peripheral, and the live action lion king on the left,,,,,,,,, don't forget the fact that i was in the middle seat, had to scrunch very far down in my seat to see my movie screen because the lady in front of me decided to recline for the entire flight, didn't get a drink because of *said turbulence*, and i was in the back of the plane, so i had the joyful plane bathroom smells wafting towards me in the breeze of said turbulence :) not to mention that i had a collison with the pilot, had to walk miles to find my terminal and baggage claim, and almost got drug away in baggage claim by my suitcase, which is heavier than i am. but, heath ledger's beauty is, in fact, a cure-all. thanks heath for comin thru for ya girl one time for the one time. i almost forgot about that turbulence.

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