Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★★★

// i remember everything //

okay so i got my joke review out of the way, back to my somber and serious (and sad) thoughts about one of my favorite films in the existence of cinema. enjoy the poem - i hope <3

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fruit on the trees
miss me, please
my headphones are silent but
i listen to these.
i listen to you
by the sound of the day
i'm in disarray
and begging you to stay;
don't go away
don't leave me here
at the end of the pier;
don't fall asleep without
the kiss of a tear.
tear me apart
tear me to shreds
kill me softer
in your spider's web.
i think i'm dead
i think i'm haunted
i think i'm a ghost
in the home of the unwanted.
i've wanted,
wanted you
wanted us.
i'm flaking into dust
like copper, like rust.
i'm sitting on the edge
of unbreakable trust.
to love you is unshakable,
to love you is a must.

the cusp,
the vines are aligned.
peaches and apricots,
each one of a kind.
peaches and apricots, 
periwinkle, forget me nots
shames and the pretty thoughts
names and the misanthropes
blames and the bitter drops.
liquid and ice
gripping a vice
am i calling you never?
am i calling you nice?
i'm sad -
do i count myself glad?
to have been a participant
in the magic we had?
flames of woes
and reaching new lows
a remembrance of what we shared,
i'm wearing your clothes.
billowy, the breeze;
you killed me with ease.
i can hear your thoughts rustle
across the miles, the leaves.
the trees,
the trunks of despair.
the unspoken words
fill unbreathable air.

you're leaving me there,
wrapped up in my ash.
my nose runs of blood
and my teeth, they gnash.
they clash,
and the fireplace crackles.
you chained me in shackles
you played me in tackles.
is it a video? is it a dream?
so it would seem,
so it would mean.
you clawed out my brain
and filled it with steam.
you called out my name
and my smile, it gleamed;
gleamed in the midnight,
drank in the sunlight.
poured the water out of the
pool of the moonlight.
i have loved you for the last time,
i know it to be true.
half of my soul left when you did,
it left with you.
departure - the blue. the navy,
the royal.
how could you let our love
rot - and spoil?
the soil,
you tracked in through the hall.
i wanted you then
and i wanted it all.
how small
do you imagine me to be?
when you envision your life
do you envision it with me?
i'm free -
but i'm trapped in your eyes.
the brutal demise
and memories i despise.
the neverending cries,
the drinkable highs.
call me by your name 
and i'll call you by mine.

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