Dior and I

Dior and I ★★★★

september scavenger hunt (#54) // (8/30)

task 9 - watch a movie about fashion

dior and i is an enthralling, captivating, inviting, enraptured porthole into the torrential and frenzied industry of fashion (with a specific eye pointed towards the dior fashion house), alternating between its founder and its current ship captain, and the bridge (plank? no?) connecting the two. i found this documentary to be both amazing and completely breathtaking. it sucked me in from the very first moment and did not let me go the entire runtime. i'm so so happy i chose this one for the task. absolutely beautiful and sensational, charged with a worker bee maddened energy that is palpable in every frame. i've never seen the inner workings of haute couture shown quite at this depth or this level of transparency. anyone with even an ounce of interest in the fashion industry should watch this. the film also does a wonderful job of blending old and new, past and present, by including modern day footage with the overlapping voiceover musings of christian dior's memoirs. this technique creates a wonderfully balanced juxtaposition that could lean too far in one direction or the other, if allowed; but it maintains its levelity and provides the same exquisiteness the dresses themselves inhale and exhale. this documentary is a living, breathing depiction of motion in chaos, and the movement that envelopes the process of fashion in its highest and most lavish form. i was so moved by dior's own poetic words that i've ordered his autobiography to read and be infinitely inspired by ✨ and that ending credits song by the xx? :chefs kiss:

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