I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother ★★★★★

"what would you do if i died today?"
"i'd die tomorrow"

i killed my mother is an undeniable and emotionally gruesome portrayal of the anger and strife within family dynamics. this was a tough watch, but i'm extremely moved, almost to tears, even. i've been wanting to get into xavier dolan's filmography, and i think this was a good place to start. the psychological turmoil displayed within this piece is frighteningly turbulent, and can be felt amongst every nerve and atom in my body. i can't think of the last time a film made me feel this way. what an accurate portrait, dripping with paint, angst and the harshness of feeling unwanted. poignantly catatonic. an abysmal catalyst. this was xavier dolan's first film, and he should be more than proud. art mirrors life in its most fraught and fragile states, here. i'm astonished at this piece's profundity. it tells a story of adolescence with haunting precision and urgency. plus, i already knew this movie would probably get 5 stars when i saw that james dean poster 6ish minutes in. also xavier's acting here was incredible. all the points go to you, mr. dolan.

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