Klaus ★★★★½

"a true selfless act always sparks another."

who said the christmas szn is over?! because it most certainly is *not*!

with only a few days left of the year, i wanted to make sure that i fit this film in while i still had the chance. i started watching it on christmas night and didn't finish it until now because i've been either really busy or really exhausted (and sick). but that's beside the point.

i'm way too emotional over this movie to even give a good review, so my apologies if you were expecting one. but i do want to say how unbelievable this movie was! it had everything i could've wanted. magic, whimsy, softness, sensitivity, kindness, morality, sweetness, wholesomeness, and most importantly - christmas cheer and spirit! i mean it was just truly magnificent <3 really interesting animation style that i've never seen before, as well! and a super big twist on the santa story we all thought we knew. this is the santa origin story and i'm so here for it! i love how they worked everything together to make all the elements of our modern day santa traditions come together at the very beginning of their creation.

so, in short, yes i'm giving it 5 stars, yes i cried (only like 4 times), and yes i *did* laugh at the postman rap song part. perfectly timed, if you ask me. this film is the perfect way to end the christmas holiday, and i'm so so glad i was able to see it before the month is out <3 i might just rewatch this every year from now on, you never know! this movie made me so soft 🥺

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