Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive ★★★★½

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i've had this film on my watchlist for a long time now, and because of its director and its notoriety, it's been very anticipated for me. i'm finding it currently impossible to process anything i just saw, and i understood nothing, but i can't shake the dark mood it left me with. so i'll leave you with my emotional interpretation, as i connected heavily to this film in feelings. it was hauntingly beautiful.

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i know you
but i don't
i felt it
when we spoke
a heartline
you've provoked
it's all gone up
in smoke

i see you
then i don't
i felt it
when i woke
a blue light,
darkened cloak
on evening dress
i choke

i need you
when i don't
i crave you 
when i won't
i love you
but you don't
my heart is
empty, broke

a thousand
nightmares awoke,
but i never
saw them coming
you're here 
and yet you're farther still
i feel as though
i'm running

am i moving,
walking towards you?
a light in tunnel, sway?
i can't tell which
direction i'm going, 
closer or away?
blueberry sadness
passing by,
silhouettes in the fray
i ask you who,
who am i?
you give me
nothing, nay
is it night
or is it day?
do you love
me either way?
you've never once
been here to stay
i should've known
you'd stray

we fall through
loops of time
i want you,
you're not mine
but in the cosmic
blue box shrine
we've made our
love undying.

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