Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★½

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brad pitt sure is handsome, isn't he?

most of what happened had to be explained to me after finishing the film because i live under a rock and didn't really know anything about the story of sharon tate.

look, i wouldn't say i hate this film, but i don't really like it much either. if i was into westerns at all (which i'm not), i think i would've gotten way more out of it. unfortunately my love for the golden age of hollywood is much more geared towards the james deans, the cary grants and the jimmy stewarts of the time, and that's just a totally different vibe from the old hollywood that this was an ode to. i will praise the cinematography though, because that did slap. just couldn't hold my interest much at all, and the film is far too long. so many of the scenes just felt like fluff to me or like they didn't really do much to drive the plot forward, and could've been cut. just felt like we as the viewer were sitting idle most of the time, so it just didn't pique my interest or warrant its runtime in my opinion. and i didn't connect to any of the characters in any way. but at least i've seen it now. it was just so boring for me :/ one other good thing about it though is i think it's one of the least male gaze-y things tarantino has made that i've seen thus far, for whatever that's worth.

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