One Pint at a Time

One Pint at a Time ★★★★

"i got lost trying to be found in the dreams i chased."

this is a very well-made and effective documentary about the lack of diversity of minority groups in the craft beer brewing industry (specifically black brewers / brewery owners and/or female brewers / brewery owners). it's not only educational, but it's imperative, important, and an all around dynamic film. i think everyone should watch this.

the director/writer and the producer/his wife were there representing the film, and they hosted a super engaging and informative Q&A after the showing. the couple told us that they are actually working on a possible docuseries, where the film we saw would be just one part or episode in the series. i really hope that the series process proves fruitful. as far as the film version is concerned, it's currently seeking distribution. i don't forsee this documentary facing much of a problem getting on a platform because it's just simply that good, plus it's so essential and relevant to the social organizations it uplifts, such as BLM and #BlackIsBeautiful. the filmmakers discussed a hopeful possible timeline of 9 (ish) months to try to secure streaming distribution. 

when asked what the most important takeaway / call to action for the issues that are spotlighted here would be, the couple said that the goal and/or the want from current and future audiences would be to be more intentional with your beer purchasing choices, and to support black-owned breweries and businesses if you can. seeing what these business owners had to go through amidst adversity and racism just to make their dreams come true was really harrowing, honestly. but the brewers' determination and perserverence was so inspiring, as well. no one ever gave up, and that was beautiful to see.

this is a documentary with a clear message, and a necessary one. for more information on the topics at hand, as well as ways you can help, and for more information and resources in general, the filmmakers said you can visit, or @onepintfilm on instagram. i hope to see this one on streaming very soon!

(amelia island film festival 2022)

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