Paris, Texas ★★★

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from the same director as wings of desire (aka the sky above berlin), paris, texas is a sprawling narrative filled to the brim with vast skies, dessert landscapes, and tumbleweeds that roll through the mind. this film couldn't differ more from wings of desire in terms of cinematography. instead of a predominantly B&W aesthetic, this film has a beautiful airy look, and sometimes gorgeous neon colors too. the movie is visually amazing to the eye (cinematography slaps meter pointed towards extra high), but it's also definitely what you would call a slow burn.. to the point of boredom, and to the point where it's extremely difficult to get through. so basically, the cinematography is an A+, but the rest is really hard to care about. wim wenders doesn't know how to make a short film, does he? or one that isn't at least partially boring? both films i've seen of his now have sections i'm completely invested in, and sections i'm not.

when harry dean stanton is playing a grief-stricken father grappling with how to meld the past and the present together into one, he plays it well. some of his best scenes are just him and his subtlely expressed emotions. this was also possibly the most intelligently adept child actor performance i've ever seen. HOWEVER - every time nastassja kinski had a scene she literally lit up the screen, and nothing else mattered to me. this movie is worth watching for her alone. the scene with her in the pink fuzzy dress? PEAK cinema. the last half was really good because of her. i just wish it didn't take soo long to get there. but, 3 stars dedicated to you, nastassja.

also that final ending? no sir no ma'am. i did not watch 2.23 hours for it to end like that, i refuse to believe..

(part of my priority watchlist of 2019)

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