Songs My Brothers Taught Me

Songs My Brothers Taught Me ★★★★

"anything that runs wild got something bad in him. you wanna leave some of that in there, cause they need it to survive out here."

"just make me a partner of the wind and the sun, and that i don't ask for a life that's soft and high, and make me open to the plains, [...] and as free as the wind that flows behind the rain. and guide me down that long, dim trail that stretches upwards towards the great divine."

fire crackle embers and early morning dew sunrises; purple-hued flame-scorched rubble. tears that fall between the dirt and whiffs of smoke. looking for something, anything that survived the eternal burning. mourning over pieces of debris that range from destroyed to only sort of ruined. picking out tidbits of your life that might still mean something amongst the piles of tattered dreams. chloé zhao is a master at poetically speaking into existence all the little moments that make up the human experience. this film is very moving. it has quietly burrowed itself into my heart.

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