Victoria ★★★★★

(part of my films i've written poetry for list)

torben encouraged me to post my poem that i wrote about victoria, so i'm doing that. he also wrote a beautiful poem about it, read that in his review here! i'm not even sure if anyone is going to want to read my poetry haha but i guess it's worth a shot! hope you enjoy.

berlin breeze

and anxieties

violin sighs of melancholy

piano keys and memories

ebony and ivories

melodies born of inadequacies

they burn and brandish

is it so outlandish?

to contemplate your existence


the realms of madness?

and fevered visions

you saw yourself woven into.

caccoons of anticipation.

pink hearts bleed,

i feel a need

an urge, a pull, a story freed.

a thought,

i mean we really ought

to cross off milestones

like blood

on tile stones

porcelain affairs and

the vacant air

hiding in plain sight,

yet so unaware.

the tops of roofs

like mountain views

breaking the rules

and loosening fumes,

and crying under waves.

the ocean took, a hook,

and the ocean gave

what is it

that we really crave?

a moment of peace,

a moment of solace?

a moment of connection,

a moment of promise?

how could we die so

utterly calmless?

formless, like a child

nobody in their

dreams of wild

could call this


but it is.

inhaling, and we choke

on smoke

lightning strikes and

desire awoke

life's cruel joke

a shark provoked,

gnawing at the limbs of

common folk

we died today

we died baroque

old and new

like fire cloak

ice in veins

and berlin remains

deeply maimed

in the heart's butane.

red's carnal flame.

what was her name?


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