West Side Story ★★★★½

// i wish it was yesterday //

growing pains challenge // (7/65)

task 64 - watch a movie musical

a beautiful looking kind of semi-modernized tale of star-crossed lovers, set with the vividly colored backdrop of new york city, intricate costume designs, great choreography, a surprisingly breezy and rapid feeling runtime, and a set of lively and well-sung musical numbers. it's also a social commentary about immigration in america, which unfortunately seems even more relevant now, as i'm watching during our current political climate. i wish there wasn't such a divide in the world. this film is very important for that subject. i love natalie wood so much and i thought her and the *extremely* handsome richard beymer made a believable duo, with chemistry to carry the plot forward in a meaningful way. this has a rebel without a cause urgency, and i was surprised by how into the film i was. the emotional beats hit me hard, i even almost cried, and overall this is a really worthwhile film that i actually think i would revisit in the future. i'm generally not the biggest fan of musicals, but this is top tier of the genre, in my book. my heart has been hurted two nights in a row now 😔💔

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