• Shazam! Fury of the Gods

    Shazam! Fury of the Gods

    it was fun, made me laugh and smile. sometimes, that is all i need from a film. i don’t care to hear anyone’s negative reviews. Fury of The Gods is a decent sequel and i enjoyed it :) 
    slightly messier than the first film in terms of sticking to a style- but definitely better than a lot of superhero movie sequels. Shazam! has heart. it seems that DC’s most hated films get so much attention, and the solid underdogs (much like Birds…

  • Pearl


    i loved this a little too much but ya know… character study..unhinged monologue…unconventional continuity for a horror sequel….... you’ve got me. i’m here. i’m obsessed. PLEASE, I’M A STAR. 

    (she’s just like me fr)

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    really out-goofied itself

  • Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

    Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

    cartoon dog teaches me gratitude..

  • From Up on Poppy Hill

    From Up on Poppy Hill

    i was looking around saying EXCUSE ME? before they cleared that up lmfao

  • The Cat Returns

    The Cat Returns

    homegirl was ready to risk it all for that cat and yk what i get it…

  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love

    “the past is something he could see, but not touch. and everything he sees is blurred and indistinct”.

    yep that’ll do it.

  • Babylon


    guys see i told you fan edits are the future of cinema

    WHY COULDN’T I HOLD MY TEARS BACK? that ending pulled on my heart strings. kind of like cinema paradiso meets mulholland drive? and also on drugs with boogie nights? terrifying, tragic, with hints of warmth. damn. i do love movies. a strange way chazelle conveys his passion, i respect it

  • M3GAN


    WHAT WAS BRO MADE OUT OF i don’t think tony starks nanotech could even take m3gan

  • Normal People

    Normal People

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    “I’ll go”
    “and I’ll stay”
    … “and we’ll be okay”.

    first of all who is WE
    second of all i’m sorry to my fbi agent on the webcam who must have witnessed a display of various ugly crying faces throughout my binging this 

    lastly and honestly, this was so beautifully real and heartbreaking. someone once bluntly explained to me how compatibility is ever changing, making love NOT the be-all and end-all in relationships. i attempted to brush that off as…

  • The Cider House Rules

    The Cider House Rules

    not dewey from malcolm in the middle !!! fuzzy :(

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone

    such a satisfying watch. you will always see a genuine smile on my face after watching something that feels  n e w  but familiar in its effect if ya know what i mean. that balance for a good horror film just works. makes me happy to be reminded that it’s still possible to do a fresh horror concept wonderfully. scott derrickson carries suspense while moving the plot forward at a pace that just serves as an ideal viewing for me. probably time for a sinister rewatch soon. well done !!!