Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

Buffalo 66 is about Billy Brown, an intentionally unlikeable protagonist after he was just released from jail after five years. In his first day out of jail. he [s]meets[/s] kidnaps a 17-year-old girl named Layla (her age isn't explicitly stated in the film. but she is described as being a "teenage student" in the film's description and Christina Ricci was 17 at the time of filming) who inexplicably ends up falling in love with him either due to her suffering from some messed up form of Stockholm Syndrome or because she had an upbringing that was even more dysfunctional than Billy's. The film never bothers to answer why she falls for Billy, but she falls for him hard when any sane person would have run away the moment he left her alone in the car with the keys in and the engine running.

Just because in real life Billy would get arrested for what he does to Layla, that doesn't mean that a character study about a depressed, short-tempered, hostile, awkward, and a scary control freak of a man isn't good cinema. Buffalo 66 had me on edge because I was scared of what Billy would do to Layla. However, I was also fascinated with how far he was willing to take things to ensure that everything would happen the exact way that he wished for them to. He was a very entertaining character to watch because he was so rude to Layla. He said some really cruel things throughout this film and Vincent Gallo's delivery gave it a sense of sincerity which made the things he said even funnier. This film has some very dark humor involved and deals with the topic of readiness very effectively too.

However, for as intriguing and somewhat controversial as the film's main story is, the film wouldn't be the cult classic it is today if it wasn't for the gorgeous cinematography/ This movie has a unique, classy-vintage look that makes every frame so beautiful to look at. and to top it all off, you have an incredible soundtrack. Therefore: an interesting plot + catchy music + gorgeous cinematography = movie magic bound to happen. And happen it did!

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