theres nothing wrong with my views or beliefs because i have freedom of speech and everything im saying is true

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  • Frankenhooker
  • A Lizard in a Woman's Skin
  • Tampopo
  • What's Up, Doc?

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  • The Stendhal Syndrome

    The Stendhal Syndrome


    unfortunately this loses a teeeeeny bit of its punch on rewatch but it is still so viscerally unrelenting and, by argentos standards, profoundly sad which is honestly what i love most about it. its been haunting me since i first watched it last month and ive been itching to see it again so this screening came at the perfect time 💖

  • Nightmare



    i cant stop listening to donna summer omg its donna summer all day every day. i wake up and i listen to macarthur park suite all 17 glorious minutes in fact let me sing the beginning for yall

    spring was never waiting… for us till… it ran one step ahead…
    as we followed in the dance………..
    between the paaarted pages we were pressed… in loves hot fevered iron… like a striped pair of paaants……….
    macarthurs park is melting… in the…

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