Suspiria ★★★★★

the critic and audience reception alike to this film has been very mixed. it is one of the most divisive films released since darren aronofsky’s equally polarizing mother!. however, im sure history will be very kind to it. in suspiria, director luca guadagnino paints a dark and grim, yet equally beautiful picture of witchcraft, motherhood, dance, and the fight between good and evil set against the political turmoil of 1970s berlin.

i had high expectations going into this. it was my most anticipated release of 2018 ever since i watched the teaser trailer released in june. i was hoping guadagnino could follow up call me by your name with a picture that impacts its audience on the same level that one did. in my opinion, he succeeds. everything works here for me (even tilda swinton in old age makeup). the acting is superb. the music is haunting. the cinematography is unmatched. and that ending... i was nearly in tears. if you are interested in this, go ahead and watch it, but be warned: you will either love it or hate it.

as for how it compares to the original, i find the two films too different to be put next to each other and picked apart. yes, they have the same title, the same characters and (almost) the same plotline, but they are two very different works of art. director guadagnino describing it as a cover version fits perfectly. 

in conclusion, i loved this. i cant wait to watch it again, and again, and again, as im sure i will for years to come.

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