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  • Archipelago



    I live for the scene of the brother and sister sniping at each other across the dinner table in their posh accents. Lovely tableaus as well.

  • All the Boys Love Mandy Lane

    All the Boys Love Mandy Lane


    lost me at times but it gets an extra star for "let's just be friends."

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  • Manakamana



    Everyone is talking about the goat butts, but for me it was all about the ice cream.

  • Her



    Can't say I was particularly moved by the love story, but Joaquin Phoenix was stellar and the implications of the conceit have been racing through my head non-stop since I saw it, which fits my description of excellent speculative fiction.

    A lot of chatter afterward seemed to focus on the challenge to our ideas about love, but what I found far more fascinating and rewarding was what the movie had to say about consciousness and personhood.

    It's funny, I'm just…