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  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

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  • Bye Bye Blue Bird

    Bye Bye Blue Bird


    An imperfect movie only available in shitty quality, but it charmed the hell out of me. Amazing job by the costume and makeup folks let the two main characters stand out against the quaint Nordic island backdrop. Their bond is touching and complex. Everything around them, including the narrative as a whole, is a little repetitive and sloppy. There are some weird edits and acting moments. There is a wildly out of place and jarring attempted rape scene that doesn't…

  • The Return

    The Return


    Your father is just a single image- not a person, certainly not a father, and barely even a memory; there's an aching loneliness and insecurity, but you adapt. Suddenly your father shows up and forces himself into your lives, but he doesn't let you in. He doesn't even acknowledge the elephant-sized trauma in the room, probably even resents you for feeling it. Were you better off when your father existed as something you had some control over? Would you have…

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  • Exiled



    Incredible style and a perfectly-paced story. I especially love how instead of blood spraying everywhere, red smoke fills the rooms of these shootouts. Johnnie To is 3/3 so far for me with 3 completely different types of films.

    ×Film School Dropouts Challenge - Week 25 // Genre - Heroic Bloodshed

  • Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood

    Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood


    A very light and breezy experience. Nothing much more than nostalgia-bait for my father's demographic, but Linklater's fascination with the broader cosmic forces of life, as well as the funny little details of suburban American life provide the film with enough personality to carry the nonexistent plot. When I think of Linklater's filmography in the future, I'll probably forget this movie even exists- putting it in a similar tier as Bernie. Enjoyable but inessential. Some cool animation though.

    ×Richard Linklater Ranked