Men ★★

Remember that time you had a creative writing assignment in high school or college and you couldn’t come up with an idea so you stay up all night just writing shit and throwing it at the wall and typing whatever comes into your head and you go into class the next morning with bags under your eyes and no sleep and a hard copy of what might be the most hodge-podge nonsensical string of words ever thrown onto a piece of paper and as you’re sharing with the class you realize just how ridiculous these late night ramblings are? Well… I can’t help but imagine that’s how Alex Garland brought this script into the A24 offices… and he just ran with it!

A horror movie with the essence of a Benny Hill sketch. Messy premise, obvious metaphor and a build-up to a gloriously grotesque final act that does not quite withstand the shaky foundation it sits on for most of its runtime. This is where “elevated horror” crosses into parodic territory.

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