Tomb Raider ★★★½

I actually really really like how this handled the usual origin story setup of the franchises we get nowadays. Although I think we could have used 5-10 more minutes in the first act setting up her character and what her day to day is like before all the tomb raiding stuff happens it's enough to give us proper setup for who she is and, more importantly, isn't. She's got tons and tons of heart but she's incredibly naive and is really guided by her heart at the worst times BUT NOT ONLY IS THIS ESTABLISHED AND ACTUALLY PUT INTO PRACTICE BUT SHE LEARNS FROM THESE THINGS IN REALISTIC WAYS AND ISNT AN INVINCIBLE SUPERHERO. Fuck I'm actually so so surprised by this and Vikander is so good in the role, I want more of her Lara just growing and kicking ass and being clever because it's what she NEEDS to do to survive. With all that being said the story is just a bit stupid but that's par for the course for blockbuster franchise movies. Also as amazing as Alicia is the rest of the cast can be just a bit shakey at times. Very much looking forward to the sequel!