Heat ★★★★½

This is just so visually perfect and also the score rips and honestly movies are sight and sound so really what else do you need... how about Al Pacino and Robert De Niro and they are absolutely fucking great. Is that not enough for you. How about just Al Pacino in this. Is that STILL not enough for you. Honestly there are flaws that you could point out in this but I feel like at a certain point it just comes across as you hating when movies are cool and good. 

For me personally though what I am most fascinated by is the characters of Vincent Hanna and Neil McCauley and how they’re on the one hand supposedly so different and yet they’re the same in so many ways and how Neil can have an at least quasi healthy relationship with Eady while Vincent’s home life is a mess and his (third) wife is cheating on him and doing drugs and constantly gets on his ass for not being home enough and how his stepdaughter attempts suicide and how Neil is a fundamentally flawed human being who has no commitments to anything but because of those lack of commitments to anything he doesn’t face any of the same issues that Vincent has to deal with because he’s supposedly committed to so many things but the one thing he’s truly obsessed with is Neil... god this Les Mis shit is just the best fucking character dynamic no matter what setting or context it occupies. Good job Michael Mann

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