In a Year with 13 Moons

In a Year with 13 Moons ★★★★★

it’s understandable for my generation of transsexuals to shy away from any sort of miserable trans story because our lives are so often stereotyped as miserable but there’s a clear difference between trans misery porn and like real empathy towards just how damn miserable it can be to be trans. even in the year 2021 when trans people are accepted and Joe Biden has pronouns in his bio or whatever it’s still miserable to be trans. it’s still miserable knowing that for every step you take towards becoming your authentic self, you potentially push yourself further and further into a corner of being viewed as an “outsider”, when all you want is to be loved and accepted. maybe i’m just pessimistic but a lot about my life would’ve been better if i hadn’t come out as trans when i was fifteen - i would have more friends, i wouldn’t have been fired from the one job i’ve ever had after a month, etc. it would just have been easier for me to exist in the world. and i don’t even have it all that bad. really i’m more or less destined to be a friendless weirdo and being trans is just one more thing adding to that. but i can’t help but wonder what could have been different.

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