Midsommar ★★

2 hours and 20 minutes 

Opens on a murder/suicide for no reason?? 

Super duper shallow but at least Will Poulter was there to entertain us. There’s a lot to laugh at. It’s on the better end of ~smart horror~ because of this. And it doesn’t settle for just being unsettling and actually gets really nasty. 

Aster is so fucking exploitative it’s insane I hate it. Closeups on the faces of the disabled, trying to spook us out but promising they carry a wisdom nobody else does. Fuck off. And, god, the constant flashes of mutilated faces to remind us of the scene we just saw where someone’s face got mutilated. The ending is soooo brutal. 

I don’t know what it is, I suspect it has to do with shooting digitally, but good goddamn there’s just too much shit in this movie. And everything is shot a million different ways with some new fuckin camera movement technique for every fun idea that pops into Aster’s head. Calm down!! Anyways, like half the drone footage was really effective at showing how unsettling drone footage is. 

While we’re talking cinematography, I just want to reiterate that 2.00:1 is the dumbest aspect ratio of all time. 

All this goes back to the bad filmmaking of it. It’s a dumb movie. It’s easy to understand, but Aster insists on dragging out every piece of information being doled out. The whole ending was like 45 minutes right?? 

Why Sweden?? 

All the CGI looks 2D. 

I appreciated that HEREDITARY made use of the shadows that can be exposed digitally, and using digital here to ride the line of overexposure is a cool idea! But it still looks really digital and no amount of light can eliminate that colorless sheen that exists over all the footage. 

Anyways, watch fucking LOLA MONTES if you really want to see someone’s life turn into a technicolor circus.

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