2001: A Space Odyssey

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This review may contain spoilers.

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Time I started watching: 13:10 PM
State of Mind: Sleepy and stuffed, having just eaten several bread rolls.

Why is this music so creepy and loud? Why is the screen just black? Oh look, it's the moon, Earth and the sun. How wonderful. The best opening scene ever, accompanied by a frightening tune.
Stanley Kubrick. Hm, that name seems familiar.

A beautiful looking place, but don't monkeys live in a jungle? Am I the only one who thinks that these monkeys are barking like dogs? That rectangle looks out of place. And it's so kind. It showed the monkeys the beauty of meat. I hope it visits my father, who stopped eating meat, and instead he is eating plants. That bone turned into a spaceship. Sweet! A waltz through space. A flying pen. Skype video chat. Chit-chat. Now the rectangle is on the moon. I wonder how it travels.

3 PM: I fell asleep when the astronauts saw the monolith, not because the movie is boring, but I was very tired. I feel refreshed now and will continue.

This circular spaceship looks wonderful. The food in it however, does not. At least they have tablets. Human or computer error? I trust Dave, he seems like a good fella. Floating into nothingness. The top of his yellow helmet looked like Kermit the Frog to me. Well Hal is a dick. Fortunately, Dave is smart and saves himself.

I now have no idea what is going on. It said Jupiter and Beyond, but what I got was 2 minutes of Jupiter and then trippy lights everywhere. They are so bright and colorful. Is it like this when you are on hallucinogenic drugs?
Okay what is going on now? I can see familiar things: rocks, trees, mountains, but they look like they have been edited with one of those stupid color changing filters. Was the director on drugs when making this sequence?

This room looks really weird. The room itself looks futuristic, but the furniture is it seems from the 15th century. Also, why does Dave look old? Really old man is now laying in the bed. The rectangle shows up again. I've been told it's called a monolith. Why did the old man turn into a huge weird space baby? Is this what happens after death?

I am asking so many questions, because this movie is so puzzling. I know one thing though, it's the best science-fiction movie ever made. Not my favorite, but the best. I cannot believe that this movie came out in 1968. It looks better than 99% of movies. The visions, the predictions of the future, most of them are spot on. How they thought of it back then, I have no idea.

I might have broken some of your rules Lise, because not all of this is just impressions, but I hope you will allow it. Half of it was my thoughts, and half was channeling the Todd Gaines in me. I hope he doesn't mind. :)

This is not just a movie, this is art.

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