Creed ★★★

Vprento’s 2015 Movies: Best to Worst

I wanted to enjoy this latest entry into the Rocky franchise, but it failed to amuse me. From a technical standpoint, the movie is pretty good, with well-directed fight scenes and good acting.

But this story has already been told countless times, and the writing is repetitive and not that good to be honest. Many plot points are there just for the hell of it, they are not developed and they serve little purpose.

Also, the pacing is a little bit off, being very slow in the first hour, and then suddenly speeding up in the second half. There are no scenes that cause any kind of emotion for me in this movie. It's just...not creative enough.

Fruitvale Station was brilliant, but Ryan Coogler's second feature disappointed me. Hope he does a good job at directing Black Panther.

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