Lean on Pete ★★★½

Vprento’s 2017 Movies: Best to Worst

"Lean on Pete" is a very solid and well-made feature film. The realistic story and hard-hitting dialogue, along with some very good acting make this a worthwhile experience.

From the outside, it doesn't seem like anything special, but once you delve into these characters and their stories, you're faced with a very mature narrative that begs to be experienced.

Charlie Plummer is undoubtedly a future star, but it will be tough for him to surpass this role in the following few years. Steve Buscemi's Del and Chloë Sevigny's Bonnie were welcome surprises and the movie could have used more of them.

Charley's relationship with the horse Lean on Pete is solid, but it should have been explored a bit more. Andrew Haigh's direction is top-notch and several scenes took my breath away. This is a really good movie, but I probably wasn't in the right state of mind to fully appreciate it.

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