Room ★★★★½

Vprento’s 2015 Movies: Best to Worst

Room is a nightmarish family drama about a mother and a young kid trapped in a room. Director Lenny Abrahamson tells us a story of connection, of harsh realities and of hope. A detachment from the outside world, but a tight attachment between a mother and a child, who both showcase love in the most honest way.

The performances by Bree Larson and Jacob Tremblay are masterpieces. Bree delivers a controlled, caring and at times heartbreaking performance, but she's not the only one who shines. Jacob Tremblay surprised everyone in what is certainly one of the finest child performances of all-time.

The first half of the movie differs from the second, but they both share that same emotional grip. The writing is exceptional and quite original. Room definitely comes recommended.

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