Child's Play

Child's Play ★★★½

Heard surprisingly good things about this one and it delivered! Between Suspiria, the Invisible Man and this one the quality of horror reboots and sequels has massively stepped up in recent years. I think the standard for mainstream horror has been raised by everything from Jordan Peele to some of the 'prestige' TV anthologies so the filmmakers actually to put the effort in now to not get laughed at. That being said I had a good laugh at the very intentional tongue-in-cheek tone of this one which reminded me of the original Dawn of the Dead filtered through the recently revived Stephen King-style comfort horror of Stranger Things and whatnot, though with a contemporary spin that played off the wariness of home tech/AI quite nicely. It's been a while since I've seen the original series and it made me want to revisit them in a good way.