A Million Little Pieces ★★½

"Gear-switch: I am not, by and large, much for schadenfreude-fueled viewing. I have seen, and continue to be assigned on a freelance basis, more than enough garbage for review purposes that I do not actively seek out low-quality work for kicks; still, when I learned a few weeks ago that a film version of James Frey’s infamous “memoir” A Million Little Pieces was somehow a movie in the year of our lord 2018, I knew I had to set aside some time to resolve my morbid curiosity. My main purpose in going to see Sam Taylor-Johnson’s adaptation was to answer a perplexing question: why does this movie exist now? Cinema is not exactly short on depictions of alcoholics, and there’s always room for one more. What was so compelling about Frey’s story that it had to serve as the starting point?"

Answers were obtained, more or less. Outta TIFF (worth noting production company Entertainment One is a big Canadian player, so if you have to premiere this somewhere the math crunches).