American Dharma ★★½

"In some (highly regrettable) ways, American Dharma is a movie I’ve been unconsciously preparing to review for the last ten years or so. I was reading Breitbart before there was Breitbart, via the aforementioned Nolte’s blog, Dirty Harry’s Place. Now apparently scrubbed from the net (alas!), this was where Nolte talked about how much he loved the Death Wish series and hated Communism; when the late Andrew Breitbart launched his web presence, Nolte was a super-logical choice to head its 'Big Hollywood' division, which would publish angry articles about how Matt Damon said something mean about George W. Bush. In those early days, Breitbart per se didn’t exist: there were a series of sites (Big Government, Big Hollywood et al.) later consolidated under the Breitbart brand in an example of vile vertical integration. Like its inspiration, the Huffington Post, in its early days the Breitbart sites seemed to not pay too many contributors, the proof being they were publishing some really insane, rambling drivel. For example, please enjoy this choice excerpt from Yervand Kocher’s 'How I Stopped Worrying about Tobacco Companies and Loved Second Hand Smoking':"

No, really, please do/etc.