Breakdown ★★★

Humorless, admirably efficient B movie that probably looks more impressive now that 16 years have passed and making a lean/mean thriller with zero CGI and a thrifty aversion to backstory is anomalous enough to guarantee someone will hail the result as the last grasp of genre "craftsmanship" (a dearly departed quality so missed even the shoddy likes of Cellular and Armored have their momentary champions while not particularly caring for/about Paul W.S. Anderson somehow has become a contentious position). There's some distasteful moments of class condescension at the fringes: Kurt Russell instantly suspects these hillbillies are out to screw him, and sure enough they are, because flyover country. Collateral lost me when Tom Cruise jumped onto the back of a moving subway without even struggling to find his footing; there's no equivalent moment here, which is the kind of negative victory (success achieved by not doing something) I'm generally on board with. But this isn't love, it's just like.