De Palma

De Palma ★★★½

"Baumbach and Paltrow don’t remove themselves entirely; when De Palma describes mid-’70s United Artists as a 'classy' studio appalled by Carrie, a quick montage of the studio’s offerings includes a blatantly risible shot of dancing Russian peasants from Fiddler on the Roof, quickly/snidely/accurately making the case for De Palma’s obvious aesthetic superiority to his now-dusty prestige peers. Clearly more comfortable talking to fellow directors than he might be otherwise, De Palma offers up details about each film’s budget and how each affected his up-and-down career trajectory. The recurring emphasis is on the unpredictability of professional success, and each film’s repercussions for what De Palma could subsequently raise money for, reminding us that being a director is as much a full-time administrative hassle as it is a creative pursuit."

And so on.