Drug War ★★★½

Only my second Johnnie To (bad experience with Fulltime Killer a decade ago led me to unwisely check out 'til now), so I don't have much to elucidate on this. Flawlessly organized from start to finish, with initial mayhem scored to generic action music with some nice drum solos while climactic shootouts are scoreless, just gunshots and blood squibs and screeching tires. Sun Honglei hilarious when switching from stoneface to his impersonation of the self-explanatorily-nicknamed Haha ("HAHA! HAHA! HAHA!"); read conflicting things as to whether the deaf drug factory workers are meant to be comic or poignant, but they're a solid twist element for a shootout nonetheless. Is the ending a Crime Does Not Pay earnest or a libertarian demonstration of the narcotics war's inherent futility? Works either way.