Foxy Brown ★★★

"I don't know," Foxy's skeptical boyfriend (Terry Carter) says, "vigilante justice?" "It's as American as apple pie," Foxy (Pam Grier) replies, and suddenly Tarantino's bloodlust makes a lot more sense to me; this isn't subtle on the racial imagery at all, complete with Foxy escaping from some good ol' boy farm crackers only too eager to bring out the whips to keep her down. My first proper blaxploitation film (Sweet Sweetback doesn't count, I think), and I was expecting more on-location footage, forgetting that it's always cheaper to shoot on shoddy, overlit stages; highlight time-capsule wise is on the street, a fight taking place close to a magazine vendor's table, which includes a sign reading "MAO IS A FOUR LETTER WORD." White people range from ineffectual law enforcement to the more eccentrically unstable — Sid Haig appears to be making up his own dialogue and is flying at a whole other level from the rest of the cast — to the downright laughable (Kathryn Loder parading through in a series of increasingly awful dresses). Cruddy but amiably energetic.