Full Metal Jacket ★★★½

There is not a single normal personal interaction in the first reel — there are the numbed close-ups of the recruits having their heads shaved, but no signs of life there, and only one reaction shot of Matthew Modine having time to contemplate rather than responding to R. Lee Ermey. There is not a single conversation between two people until the start of the second reel; I'm guessing this internal timing was not an accident. I very much admire how, despite this relative softening, the whole first half absolutely refuses to present Normal Human Interaction or a character you can Sympathize With; the recruits are being hazed, but so are audience expectations about what a narrative film can be or requires. (Where the second half tries about half a dozen gambits on what might be more expected in this context.)

I could see having no use for this, but it's kind of objectively impressive, whether that's part of your personal metric for artistic response is a whole other question.