La Chambre ★★★½

Rooted in the center of an unexceptionally shabby shabby room, a camera performs multiple right-to-left 360s without pause. Only the woman lying on the bed changes position, but with each spin we're forced to simultaneously question our attentiveness to every detail and fixture in the room and what the motivation for the camera's movement is in the first place; watching the woman shift poses is the least of our problems. Then the camera reverses course and starts spinning back around the other way, eventually narrowing its 360 spins to smaller and smaller arcs of the circle that restrict its field of vision to a pendulum-like sway. Would pair well with Michael Snow's Breakfast (Table Top Dolly) as another non-narrative short actively forcing viewers to simultaneously question why they're seeing what they're seeing and to what extent the camera's recording the action, instigating it or mirroring it. (I always associate these types of slow 360s with Visconti planting the camera similarly in the middle of the table in Death In Venice, but that just helps him organize the choreography of a really atmospheric and period-detail heavy public lounge space.) A compact brain-teaser.